“Her work, for all its solidity, displays an ethereal charm. This dichotomy springs directly from the spirit of Izabel Lam.” - Lesa Sawahata, Discovery Magazine.

IZABEL LAM NEW YORK manufactures, markets and distributes original and unique dinnerware, cutlery and tabletop accessories designed by Izabel Lam. Objects that satisfy the demand and the challenge of the compromise of creativity and commerce. Her creations encompass the nuances of material and movement, the perfection of imperfection, function with attention to detail, and simplicity molded by the human touch.

From the beginning of the 1990’s, introducing metal products made by hot forging, the collection of stainless steel cutlery, silverplated tabletop accessories, has grown to include glass and porcelain dinnerware. First catering to the retail industry, later answering a need for innovation in the restaurant and hotel market, Izabel’s designs are being used by celebrated chefs, fine dining restaurants and luxury hotels all over the world for their presentation of innovative cuisine and amenities.

The latest collection from IZABEL LAM is 3D printed - called simply PRINTED . Offered will be : 3D design services for dinnerware, table top and product designs, prototype printing and FDM production runs;  3D PRINTED table top, jewelry and sculptures of intricate organic forms - a hallmark of IZABEL LAM's designs.



Her passion for the beauty of the sea derives from her birth place, Hongkong, where she spent her childhood next to quickly moving water expanses: typhoons, followed by sudden tranquility.
Movement and flow have been the first lesson in her life as a designer. Then, Izabel crossed the great Russian steppes to reach New York. There, in another port, western concepts freely flew into her eastern mind, and Izabel immersed herself again into a new, bright world of visual experimentation.
The changing tides still inspire her to create waves of new objects.