A special selection from Izabel Lam's past collections of handmade jewelry in silver and 24 carat gold plated with sem-precious stones. These were sold in exclusive stores, galleries and museum stores in the United States, Europe and Japan.  They have now become collectors' price objects. Her jewelry was known for its organic forms, tactile details, flowing and natural elements of timeless designs.

Izabel Lam Willow Necklace

The Willow Necklace

Izabel Lam Pebbles Bracelet

The Pebbles Bracelets

Izabel Lam Vestl Chain Bracelet

The Vestal Chain Bracelet

Izabel Lam Coral Ring

The Coral Ring

Izabel Lam Shell Necklace

The Shell Necklace

Izabel Lam Shell Bracelet

The Shell Bracelet

Izabel Lam Pearl Lariat

The Island Pearl Lariat

Izabel Lam Handmade Anchor Pearl Earring 2

The Anchor Pearl Ear Rings

Izabel Lam Gold Pearl Ring

The Coral Bead Rings

Izabel Lam Sea Swirl Ring

The Sea Swirl Ring

Izabel Lam Coral Tube Ring

The Coral Tube Ring

Izabel Lam Willow Pin

The Willow Pin

Izabel Lam Coral Lace Necklace

The Coral Lace Necklace

Izabel Lam Coral Diamond Ring

The Coral Diamond Ring

Izabel Lam Coral Spring Ring

The Coral Spring Ring

Izabel Lam Coral Pins

The Coral Pins

Izabel Lam Willow Necklace Square

The Willow Square Necklace

Izabel Lam Willow Ear Ring

The Willow Ear Ring

Izabel Lam Willow Necklace

The Willow Necklace

Izabel Lam Willow Scarf 2

The Willow Scarf